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The Downstream Section

This portion of the map represents the downstream section of Sistema Ox Bel Ha. All exploration of this area commenced from Cenote del Mar. Between July 1998 and April 1999, Bernie Birnbach and Christophe Le Maillot resurveyed 4,000 feet of existing line, then went on to add a whopping 61,000 feet of additional line, made a connection to the lines originating from the jungle camps, and established three separate outflows of fresh water into the Caribbean Sea. Not bad for just two divers!

In December 1999, exploration resumed from cenotes Xuux and Moonpod. During a 13 day period and in 59 dives, GEO was able to explore and survey 78,810 feet of cave passageway. Diving from 2 different cenotes was a first for us. Our base camp, 'Corey Camp' named in honor of our friend Steve Corey, put us in the middle of uncharted territory. We really got lucky by having our new trail pass by the Moonpod Cenote, not knowing if it would pay out, we hopped in to take a look. It turned out to be a significant cave passageway that in 2 dives was connected to the Rimet Line which originated from Del Mar Cenote.

Our group wishes to recognize the efforts of Ted Cole, Tamara Kendall, Steve Gerrard and Sue Sharples who added the 4,000 feet of line that Bernie and Christophe resurveyed.

This area of the cave begins in the Caribbean Sea and travels inland passing below mangroves, savanna grasslands and low scrub jungle before reaching the more typical dense jungle of the Yucatan peninsula.



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