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The Upstream Section

This represents all of the exploration that has been based out of our jungle camps. There are 12 cenotes in this area dominated in size by Cenotes Esmeralda and Los Canales.

Our project in May 1998 was based out of Cenotes Esmeralda and Amber Sun. Most of the area from just west of Cenotes Ya'ax Kai and Matchbox to Los Canales was explored during this time for a total of 38,000 feet (12,000 meters).

For our project in May 1999 we were based out of Cenote Ya'ax Kai. During 23 days of diving an additional 45,000 feet (15,000 meters) of line was layed in the areas of Jigsaw Reach, Corey's Canyons, Ice Palace and Yaya'ax Pepem.

Sistema Ox Bel Ha Map

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